Change starts with all of us contributing our time, money and energy to the centre-right movement in Canada

Recently while debating a millennial I, a baby boomer conservative, was accused of not doing enough to stop the progressive takeover of society‚Äôs major institutions.

Baby boomer conservatives were great at getting an education, starting businesses, raising families, volunteering, voting right, going to church and paying our taxes. We thought if we did these things we were making positive contributions to society and the country as a whole. Unfortunately we were wrong.

Since the 1960s we have allowed every major institution in Canada to become a bastion of the left. It started with our universities who educated our future leaders. It spread to the public schools and government administration. It took over Hollywood, the music industry, publishing and all of our cultural institutions. Media and social media followed. And finally it has taken over corporations and the globalist elites who now fund every progressive cause.

Small business was the only holdout and it has been crushed by covid restrictions.

So What Do We Do Now?

  1. First we must admit the reality of our situation. Society has been radically transformed and there is no going back in the short term.
  2. Second, we can no longer put our faith in politicians and political parties to get us out of this mess. Yes good political leadership is helpful but if all of society is moving to the left so will all the viable political parties. Politics is downstream from culture and religion.
  3. The only way forward is for us all to put our time and money towards creating the societal transformations we want. We can no longer stand back and let others do the work for us.

It took the left 70 years to take over our institutions. It will take a long time for us to take them back.

Support the Right Wing Movement

One way you can help in BC is by supporting SolveNow, a new free market political action committee.

SolveNow advances free market solutions through advocacy and political action. We shift opinion to create a Canada that rewards hard work and entrepreneurship, not just the progressive elites and their government dependents.

SolveNow is raising funds to impact at least 10 BC swing ridings in the upcoming federal election.

Please donate your time or money at the link.