Thank You!

First off thanks to everyone who has offered encouragement and support for this new BC project. We need and appreciate your feedback as we move forward to change BC and Canada.

A very special thanks to those who have donatedWhen you open your wallets we know that we are on the right track.

This week SolveNow will start rolling out some initiatives.

Our Mission

SolveNow advances free market solutions through advocacy and political action. We shift opinion to create a Canada that rewards hard work and entrepreneurship, not just the progressive elites and their government dependents.

In both the short and long term we will change Canadian culture to favor market solutions and question government involvement.

How Will We Do This?

By every means possible including some we have not thought of yet. Here’s what you will see from SolveNow in the months and years ahead.

Foster the Free Market Community

It is vital that we build a strong community of connected and engaged fellow travelers to support our movement. SolveNow will provide a variety of methods for our community to connect including newsletters, websites, and a custom membership platform. Ongoing zoom and in person events are in the works. A special effort will be made to engage younger voters and newcomers to Canada.

Help You Take Action

Political action committees are only successful if they encourage large numbers of people to take meaningful action that can shift the culture. Fortunately there are dozens of decisions that we make each day that can influence BC and Canada. Here’s what we will organize:

  • Specific action suggestions
  • Petitions, boycotts, and protests
  • Letter writing and phoning opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Donating to movement media, organizations and causes
  • Participating in hearings
  • Events and conferences
  • Providing support to those cancelled
  • Election participation
  • Helpful resources and training materials

Create Great Advocacy Content

SolveNow will create great content that can be shared and promoted on all possible channels. This includes videos, memes, podcasts, op eds, polling and publicity stunts where appropriate. We will also share and promote content created by others including politicians, free market organizations, and advocates.

Run Issues Campaigns

SolveNow will run campaigns to spotlight current issues we hope to impact. It is important that free market advocacy organizations create public support of key issues so that politicians can follow. For example The Taxpayer’s Federation helped make government debt and deficits an important public issue that all parties eventually embraced. Our campaigns will use great content as well as encouraging our supporters to action.

Promote Free Market Solutions

As our name implies, SolveNow is about finding solutions, not just complaining. We will promote solutions championed by others like school or health choice. We will also offer prizes for finding free market solutions, especially in target groups such as high school and university students.

Work With Other Free Market Advocates

We will also share and promote content created by others including politicians, free market organizations, and advocates. Stay tuned as we announce a new platform that does this.

Incubate New Free Market Advocacy Organizations

We are currently outnumbered at least ten to one on progressive vs free market advocacy organizations. SolveNow will provide support to those who want to create PACs. For example we are working with a group that wants to promote free market ideas within private sector union membership.

Get Involved in Elections

SolveNow will register as a third party advertiser with Elections Canada and Elections BC. This means that we can run ads during elections promoting free market policies as well as critiquing big government programs. Currently unions, environmental and progressive organizations out spend free market advertisers by a significant margin federally, provincially and municipally.

SolveNow is currently raising funds to advertise in at least 10 swing ridings in BC in the upcoming federal election likely coming this fall. We will also participate in the next Municipal election in 2022 and the Provincial election in 2024.

Going Forward

SolveNow will do whatever it can to change Canadian culture to favor market solutions and question counterproductive government programs. We will

  • Use the tools of the left and innovate new ones
  • Call out hypocrisy – make the left live up to its ideals
  • Never giving up until our mission is accomplished
  • Get wins wherever we can
  • Be happy warriors – we will have fun achieving our mission
  • Grow the donor pie for all elements of our movement
  • Work with fellow travelers
  • Never let a crisis go to waste to advance our cause

Government overreach in response to Covid is a great opportunity for us to advance free market solutions as they are broke.