Election laws restricting donations and spending by political parties have given the left a huge advantage. They’ve created a large ecosystem of left wing and progressive advocacy groups that outspend and out volunteer the right by ten to one.

It’s no longer the Conservative Party against the Liberals, NDP and Greens. The opposition now includes hundreds of unions, environmental and progressive organizations. They receive funding with no limits from sources not available to political parties including corporations, non-profits, foundations, governments, philanthropists and foreign entities.

During elections the left dominates registered third party advertising. For example if you look at the registered third party advertisers in the 2015 and 2019 federal elections at the links below you will see the left overwhelmingly dominate in both number and spending. The same is true in BC.

Between elections the left’s advantage is greater. They run continuous campaigns to change public opinion on every imaginable topic. If you wonder why society is moving leftward, look no further than the campaigns run by some of these organizations in BC and Canada.

They advertise, lobby politicians, organize protests, run petitions, hire social media trolls, write op eds, get on news programs, sponsor research, do extensive polling, hold conferences, do training and recruit volunteers.

We need to match and surpass this.

SolveNow: Market Solutions for Public Problems

SolveNow is a new BC registered political action organization. A federal election is expected in either June or October. Our immediate goal is to run campaigns in at least 10 BC swing ridings both before and during the writ period. The left is already advertising.

Each registered third party can spend up to $525,700 during the 2021 election period including a maximum of $4,506 per electoral district. There is no limit on what can be spent prior to a non-fixed date election. SolveNow’s goal is to impact at least 10 swing ridings in BC.

Here’s an example of content created by the National Citizens Coalition, one of the few free market groups on our side.

In the future we will run provincial and municipally targeted campaigns as well.

Here’s How You Can Help

  1. Donate. Your donation will help launch SolveNow by paying for the development of a strategic plan, a fundraising program, an identity package, and a campaign for at least ten plus BC swing ridings in the anticipated spring or fall election. You can donate any amount. This applies to businesses and organizations. This is not tax deductible like political or charitable donations.

    Time is short so please donate now if you are able.
  2. Forward this email to other free market supporters and ask them to sign up for our newsletters. We need to increase the size of our mailing list as fast as possible to increase our impact.
  3. Tell us what campaign topics you would run in the upcoming election to weaken Canada’s progressive parties? In which regions or ridings would you run these?

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for helping to launch a BC free market political action committee. Many have tried, none have succeeded so lets make history.