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SolveNow advances free market solutions through advocacy and political action. We shift opinion to create a Canada that rewards hard work and entrepreneurship, not just the progressive elites and their government dependents. It’s up to us to make Canada better – governments cannot solve our problems.


Find and promote market solutions for a wide range of public issues.


Create awareness about the success of free market ideas wherever tried.


Support free market policies during election cycles for all levels of government.

Challanging the Narrative

“Government is not the solution to our problems, government IS the problem.”

We’ve Run Out of Other People’s Money

Pre-COVID Canadian and provincial government spending were out of control. Post-COVID the debt load has worsened to the point where governments at all levels will soon be struggling to maintain essential services much less provide new ones. Only private sector innovation can get us out of this mess.


Debt to GDP for Canada and Provinces


Government Debt increase In 2020

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Progressive Third Party Election Spending Skyrockets

With the implementation of strict political party donation and spending rules the money has shifted to “third parties”. Union and environmental spending that advocates for more government participation dwarfs pro free market voices.

Core Principles

We believe its time to get back to free market principles that have increased prosperity for all wherever tried.

  • Create conditions that promote the formation of businesses.
  • Reduce the size of government and implement smart regulations.
  • Eliminate corporate welfare and crony capitalism where big business gets into bed with big government.
  • Stop unfair trade deals that put our workers at a competitive disadvantage due to inferior labor and environmental regulations.
  • Challenge the narrative that capitalism is exploitive and government the solution. 
  • Take back power from progressive elites that control our major institutions.

What Our Supporters are Saying

“Every election we are bombarded with public sector union ads telling us to vote for the parties that will keep their gravy train going. We need to stop them using our money to push for their raises.”

Mandy Morris

“The small business sector has been ruined by COVID while government workers and big businesses have gotten fat. Someone needs to stand up for the local entrepreneurs and workers who are the backbone of Canada.”

Patricia Streep

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Everyone agrees that we need free market advocacy organizations to combat the much larger resources of our progressive counterparts. Here is your chance to make a real difference.

Your donation will help launch SolveNow by paying for the development of a strategic plan, major donor materials, an identity package / improved website, and a campaign for ten plus BC swing ridings in the anticipated federal election.

Founding donors will receive a souvenir item as well as discounts to future paid events.







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